Together, we have been building one of California’s premiere master planned communities. While
the economic downturn slowed progress, Mountain House has patiently endured. Mountain House’s
neighborhoods are friendly and family-oriented and its schools are the envy of the region.

After the recent addition of Mountain House High School, the next great opportunity for growth of the
community lies with the planned Town Center. The Town Center Plan is the product of years of careful
study and planning, hundreds of conversations, and three formal planning workshops.

The following is an update of the progress of the Town Center Plan and upcoming milestones for the

Re-assess the 20-year-old Town Center Plan DONE!
Engage the Mountain House Community Via Workshops DONE!
Submit revised plans to San Joaquin County DONE!
San Joaquin County Deems Revised Plan Application Complete DONE!
County Processing In Progress*
Seek Potential Town Center Tenants In Progress*
Present the Plan to Community and to County Supervisors for Approval Next Step
Prepare & Process Construction Drawings for Approval Future Step
Finalize Tenant Contracts & Begin First Phase of Construction Future Step

* During these processes MHD will be working to secure a grocer, gas station operator, and other
tenants for the first phase of the Town Center!

View the County Application Referral:
-- County Website
-- CSD Website